Mesopotamian cylinder seal

This cylinder seal is made from marble and shows a complicated scene. One figure, possibly a goddess, is leading a worshipper towards a seated king-god. The god is wearing a turban and a loose robe, and is holding a cup. The worshipper is wearing a conical cap, while the goddess wears what appears to be a horned head-dress. Between the standing figures is a ball and staff. In front of the god is a monkey and behind him is a lion-headed scimitar, which was the symbol of the god Nergal. Above the scene is a crested moon.
Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Foreign archaeology
Common Name
Mesopotamian cylinder seal
Simple Name
Full Name
cylinder seal
whole height 20 mm; whole diameter 9 mm
Cultural Group
Production Year Low
Production Year High
Family Group

Function Name
identifying/ trading/ protecting
Function Detail
for identification, to authenticate documents; to seal tablets and envelopes giving details of consignments of goods, agreements, identified ownership; to secure doors and containers; of decorative, amuletic value
Collection Site Name
Girsu (modern Telloh/ Tell Luh)
Collection Town
Lagash (city state)
Collection Country
Collection Area Region
Western Asia (Middle East and Near East)
Collection Continent

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