Mesopotamian cylinder seal

This cylinder seal is made from chlorite and shows a presentation scene with two goddesses and a worshipper. Both goddesses wear horned head-dresses while the worshipper has a shaven head. Above them is a crescent moon, and a lizard is in front of the goddesses. Originally the seal also had written text but this was removed not long after the seal was made.
Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Foreign archaeology
Common Name
Mesopotamian cylinder seal
Simple Name
Full Name
cylinder seal
whole height 28 mm; whole diameter 15 mm
Cultural Group
Production Year Low
Production Year High
Family Group

Function Name
identifying/ trading/ protecting
Function Detail
for identification, to authenticate documents; to seal tablets and envelopes giving details of consignments of goods, agreements, identified ownership; to secure doors and containers; of decorative, amuletic value
Collector / Excavator
Corkill, N.L., Dr
Collection Site Name
Lagash, (Telloh?)
Collection Town
Lagash (city state)
Collection Country
Collection Area Region
Western Asia (Middle East and Near East)
Collection Continent

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