Wooden Hand-Clubs, Patu
The patu was a short teardrop-shaped hand-club, and was in many ways the definitive one-handed weapon of the Maori warrior. During the later 18th and earlier 19th century, many men wore such clubs tucked into their belts every day. Many of the greatest taonga (ancestral treasures) of the various Maori iwi (clans) are renowned patu with long and distinguished histories in battle. Particularly mana (powerful) ones were held in such veneration that a captured warrior doomed to be executed would often ask his captors to kill him with his own weapon, so that his own death might further add to its glory; his last wish fulfilled, the captors would then return his club to his family. Patu were manufactured in hardwood, whalebone and stone, but those dealt with here are wooden.
Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Arms and armour
Common Name
Simple Name
Full Name
hand club
whole length 378 mm; whole W 120 mm
Production Country
New Zealand
Production Area Region
Production Continent
Family Group

Function Name
Collection Country
New Zealand
Collection Area Region
Australia and New Zealand
Collection Continent

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