Figure of a horseman

This model represents a man sitting on the back of a horse and holding onto the horse’s ears. It is decorated with vertical stripes and the eyes of the horse and rider have been painted. The model has suffered damage with one of the horse’s back legs and both the rider’s lower legs missing. Models such as this were popular in Iron Age Cyprus, where they were often left in temples or burials.
Accession Loan No.
Simple Name
Full Name
figure of horseman
Collector / Excavator
Ransom, William
Collection Country
Common Name
figure of a horseman
pottery; Geometric ware
Collection Class
Foreign archaeology
Collection Contintent
Collection Area Region
Southern Europe
Production Year Low
Production Year High
Cultural Group
Family Group

Created At
2016-10-13 15:45:45
Updated At
2020-01-28 11:42:54

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