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The Port of London

‘The Port of London’ by Charles William Wyllie (1859-1923), c.1900. This urban river scene depicts a wide section of the Thames scattered with many boats of various sizes. There is...

The Quay, Exeter

‘The Quay, Exeter’, in oil on board by artist John Shapland (1865-1929), c. 1900. Shapland was an artist based in Devon, and was Principal of the Exeter School of Art...


Merchants used these copper alloy weights as a standard for weighing gold dust when trading. This weight, made before 1900, is in the form of an antelope whose extended horns...

Small teasel

Data handwritten in black ink on sheet: ‘Dipsacus pilosus L./ Holton-le-Moor, Lincolnshire/ per Miss Joan Gibbons/ Aug.16.1948.’...

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