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Dog skull

This dog skull was found with several others in a medieval rubbish pit in Exeter....

Aurochs bone

This aurochs leg bone dates to the Mesolithic and was found at Westward Ho! in Devon. Aurochs are the undomesticated ancestors of modern cattle that would have been hunted by...

Cattle mandible bone

This is a bone from a prehistoric domesticated cattle. It was found at Westward Ho! in Devon, a Mesolithic site, but this must be from a later phase of the...

Cave hyena

Faunal remains from Kents Cavern. Ulna bone fragment approx. 13 x 4cm. Pengelly number 5866a. Locality: Charcoal Cave, Series: 44, Parallel: 14, Level: 3, Yard: 1L, Deposit: Cave Earth, 19/03/1872....

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