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Dance hat

This dance hat is made of red plaited cane, decorated with two metal discs. The rim of the helmet is trimmed with four red strips of bright red cane. This...

Noctule bat

These are the wing bones of a noctule bat. The scale is just 1cm square. The wing was collected from the roof of the Church of St Michael and All...

Noctule bat

This tiny skull is from a noctule bat (Nyctalus noctula) - the scale is just 1cm square. It was collected from the roof of the Church of St Michael...

Shell, Parthenina interstincta

Shells from George Montagu’s collection (Neotype selected for Turbo interstictus Adams, 1797 by Warén (1991) and syntypes of T. interstictus sensu Montagu). Montagu described these specimens as Turbo interstinctus in Montagu...

Nomadic peoples under pressure – the Baka of Cameroon

by Will Silcox, 2nd year anthropology undergraduate at the University of Exeter The idea of symbiosis between society and the environment is often portrayed as an unreachable goal in the UK. Dependence on fossil fuels for transport, single use plastic, and intensively farmed crops and livestock can feel like almost inescapable parts of life in […]

Aborigine cricketing discovery at RAMM

Does the name W.R. Hayman ring any bells?  On 29 October 1868, Hayman donated a small collection of Aboriginal items from Australia; a boomerang, a hand club, two spear throwers, two spears, two parrying sticks, three throwing clubs and two fire sticks (two of these items incidentally are on permanent display in the gallery). A […]

Shell, Zebinella decussata

Shells from George Montagu’s collection (syntypes). Montagu described these specimens as Helix decussata in Montagu G 1803. Testacea Britannica. Part 2. p. 399, Tab. 15 fig. 7. 1shell on card 1 shell...


Dr. Paul Bevan, March 2013, Collection Review. This is another of John Bowring’s donations to the RAMM and carries a printed dedication to him from the book’s author, David Jerome MacGowan,...

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