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Central Africa

In 2005-6, a piece of foundation work was undertaken by researcher Tabitha Cadbury to analyse the whole Central African collection at RAMM


These are a large pair of men’s sandals made of leather soles and straps. The underside of the sole has iron studs and iron heels. There is also a name...


The Blackfoot Shirts Conference was held at the Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford, 30-31 March 2011

Finger ring

This ring was discovered during excavations at Exe Bridge in Exeter. The design includes the letter ‘T’ surrounded by crosses and was probably used to seal documents....

Mesopotamian cylinder seal

This cylinder seal is made from black and brown serpentinite. Most of the seal contains an inscription with an invocation to the god Ninkarnunna. It also shows a figure who...

Seal on chain

Gilt metal seal on chain, the seal itself is probably carved from a stone called carnelian which was popular during the 18th century. Seals were often carved with the coat...