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‘Morning’ depicts a woman lying asleep in a simple metal bed pushed against the wall. Her left arm outstretches towards the wooden floor while her right clutches the crumpled sheets...

Collected by Alfred Russel Wallace PART 2

This blog follows on from my discovery of a bird collected by the great naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace – a Moluccan starling. Not familiar with the name? Many people aren’t. He stands in the shadow of Charles Darwin with whom he discovered the theory of evolution by natural selection: Darwin usually receives all the credit. […]

Old Man Smoking

‘Old Man Smoking’ by Nicholas Condy, about 1820-1830. This oil on canvas by Condy depicts the interior of a workman’s cottage: full figure is a male, balding, with white hair...


This sand is from the collection of the late Ivor Treby. It was collected from the sunken basin in the bath house complex at the ruins of Salamis near Famagusta. The...


Catherine Elliott, Nessa Leibhammer, 2017 DDF research: Tooth necklace, especially large teeth, with black glass seed/trade beads. An impressive piece. Good for display. Upon close examination, human lice eggs were found on...

Chairing the Member

‘Chairing the Member’ by Benjamin Robert Haydon, 1828. This oil on panel by Haydon depicts a crowd scene: central focus is a group causing mayhem, two male figures are borne...

Research from home: the wild flowers of William Keble Martin

The ‘The Concise British Flora in Colour’ was an instant best seller when it hit the shelves in May 1965. Opening the covers reveals illustrations of 1486 species in meticulous detail. They are the result of 60 years of botanical study and painting by its 88 year old author Reverend William Keble Martin (1877-1969). He […]


Brian Rice’s print ‘Change’ consists of a black square with ten thin repeating bands of colour echoing the square shape. The bands repeat twice starting with yellow, grey, sky blue,...

Photographs in RAMM’s collections

In April 2019 I joined RAMM as Assistant Curator of Photographs. I will be at RAMM for six months as part of the V&A Photography Curators’ Training programme, which is funded by the Art Fund. The past few weeks I have spent reviewing the photographs and photographs related material in RAMM’s collections. I started with […]

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