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Single piece sickles date to the later Neolithic. This example was found at the site of Hembury in Devon. They would probably originally have been hafted into a curved wooden...

Old Man Smoking

‘Old Man Smoking’ by Nicholas Condy, about 1820-1830. This oil on canvas by Condy depicts the interior of a workman’s cottage: full figure is a male, balding, with white hair...

RAMM meets Blackfoot representatives

The project is led by Dr. Alison Brown, University of Aberdeen, with Dr. Anita Herle, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (CUMAA), University of Cambridge as the other UK museum partner. The project’s objective is to bring together Blackfoot nations representatives of Canada and the USA with museum curators in the UK who care for Blackfoot items; specifically the Cambridge […]

Guest post – Spotlight on a Yoruba carved figure

They have researched and digitised two objects from the collection, creating additional interpretive material and making two short films about the objects. One of the objects they researched is a Yoruba carved figure from Nigeria; the students uncovered a wealth of information about the object: “District Officer” – an early-mid 20th century figurine, produced between 1900 and […]