Central Africa

In 2005-6, a piece of foundation work was undertaken by researcher Tabitha Cadbury to analyse the whole Central African collection at RAMM

In 2005-6, a piece of foundation work was undertaken by researcher Tabitha Cadbury to analyse the whole Central African collection at RAMM and propose its significance in relation to other known collections in the UK. This was much needed as it highlighted the significance of Exeter’s collection.

This led to a Collaborative Doctoral Award in 2008 (a University of Plymouth and RAMM partnership) and Sally Ayres specifically focused her research on Richard E. Dennett, the ivory and rubber trader with the firm Hatton & Cookson. Sally’s important research greatly helped to open up his history and the collection he donated to the museum in 1889. Her work was also supported by the MLA’s Designation Challenge Fund.

Central Africa kuba mask


T.Cadbury, 2006.  Central African collection Research Project.



UK collections survey

Central African collections at RAMM

Report Outline

Geographical, historical and cultural background

Tools and utensils


Music and masqueraded

Power objects and figures

Weapons and blades

Textile, clothing and body ornament

Biography of R.E.Dennett

Catalogue contents and notes

Thesis – Hidden Histories and Multiple Meanings: The Richard Dennett Collection at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter