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Five bird skins on a white background. Three of them have paper labels attached to their legs.

Collected by Alfred Russel Wallace

15 April 2020

The moment I discovered a specimen from the collection of one of the greatest naturalists of all time - Alfred Russel Wallace.

A piece of lacework from the collection

A Legacy of Lace (Part One): Introducing Charlotte Treadwin

13 March 2020

Charlotte Treadwin and Frances Bury Palliser came from very different backgrounds, but were united by their interest in lace-making. Their lace collections were amongst the first objects to be donated to the museum in August 1868 and May 1869.

A Baka man seated by a campfire

Nomadic peoples under pressure – the Baka of Cameroon

In the upcoming Nomads: Homes on the Move exhibition at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM), people are invited to explore alternative ways of living from around the world. While appreciating these lifeways, we also aim to illustrate how they are under threat by Western colonial conservation projects.