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Photo of the Bad Homburg Wild Boar a 25th twinning anniversary gift to Exeter

Story of the Bad Homburg wild boar – tales of tails

02 March 2017

The 'Bad Homburg Boar' is a splendid piece of taxidermy. He was a twinning anniversary gift from the City of Bad Homburg vor der Höhe in Germany to the City of Exeter in 1990. But why did they give Exeter a wild boar and what did we give them in return?

Page 3 Utagawa (Gountei) Sadahide

Japanese triptych book

01 February 2017

The interpretation of each scene of RAMM's Japanese triptych book has been kindly provided by Dr Clare Pollard, Curator of Japanese Art at the Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford.

A magic lantern slide welcoming people to the show!

Magic lantern slides

05 December 2016

Exploring the museum's collection of Edwardian magic lantern slides