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Gerald Durrell – A Zoo In My Luggage

When I started volunteering at the museum Holly Morgenroth, RAMM’s Natural Sciences curator, took me into the ‘wet store’ at The Ark. This is the room where all the specimens preserved in some kind of fluid – usually alcohol or formalin – are stored. Most are starfish, reptiles, fish and amphibians. Many of the preservative […]

What can portraits tell us about black history?

The sitter in ‘Portrait of an African’ plays a key role in the exhibition ‘In Plain Sight’. He is a visible— if silent—witness from the age of Trans-Atlantic slavery. But beyond the obvious fact of his ancestry, visitors might wonder what this clean-cut figure in European dress had to do with the organised cruelty of […]

Portrait of William Miles

William Miles was a staff officer in the year 1882, based on the uniform he was painted in while sitting for this portrait....


Native gold donated by Mr Treffry in 1874....

Sand martin

Study skin of a female sand martin collected by WSM D’Urban May 1882....

Gourd-shaped jug

This is a Red Incised Ware alabastron or gourd-shaped jug. It was made in the Cypriot Early Bronze Age. It has a round base and body sloping shoulders and a...


This starfish is part of the Sladen collection. It was collected during the Triton Expedition at Station 10 (59040’N 7021’W) in the Faroe Channel. Depth 944m. Bottom temperature: 7.80C....

Oil lamp

This oil lamp was excavated by the Egypt Exploration Fund in 1904 from the Romano-Egyptian site at Herakleopolis, or Ehnasya. It is one of 45 objects donated to this museum...

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