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Gerald Durrell – A Zoo In My Luggage

When I started volunteering at the museum Holly Morgenroth, RAMM’s Natural Sciences curator, took me into the ‘wet store’ at The Ark. This is the room where all the specimens preserved in some kind of fluid – usually alcohol or formalin – are stored. Most are starfish, reptiles, fish and amphibians. Many of the preservative […]


This pottery beaker was discovered in many pieces in a stone-lined burial pit at the centre of a stone ring or cairn at Farway, Devon. Two fossilised sea urchins were...

Pot, beaker

Archaeologists call this type of Early Bronze Age pottery a beaker. While many beakers were used for food and drink they are also often found with burials. This was the...

Spanish colour-coated beaker

This small wheel-thrown beaker was made in Spain. It is one of the most complete example known from south west England....

Communion beaker

This beaker and its companion are wheel engraved with scenes from the prophesies of Joanna Southcott. Both include an apple tree with figures of Joanna and Shiloh beneath.The inscription reads:...

What can portraits tell us about black history?

The sitter in ‘Portrait of an African’ plays a key role in the exhibition ‘In Plain Sight’. He is a visible— if silent—witness from the age of Trans-Atlantic slavery. But beyond the obvious fact of his ancestry, visitors might wonder what this clean-cut figure in European dress had to do with the organised cruelty of […]

Roughcast beaker

Roughcast beakers were decorated with small grains of dried clay or sand. This one was found in Exeter....

Indented beaker fragment

This New Forest ware beaker fragment was found at a Roman settlement situated next to the Roman road between Honiton and Exeter....


This tall glass beaker was found in several pieces during an archaeological excavation in Exeter. It was originally made in two pieces and is decorated with notched trails around the...

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