Charles Tucker: Poverty and Charity in 1920s Exeter

Colour map of Exeter from 1580s

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest Elizabethan artists, Nicholas Hilliard (c.1547-1619). The Hilliards were a prominent family in Exeter, renowned for their craftsmanship. Although the name of Hilliard is now more associated with miniature portraits, the family were originally goldsmiths. Several objects linked to the Hilliards are now held in RAMM’s collection. Here we trace the family’s history, beginning with Nicholas’ father Richard.

Coloured print of a robin by Benjamin Fawcett

Whilst researching a ‘Red Breast’ for the current seasons exhibition an exciting discovery has been made. This work and another 5 works were attributed to B. Fawcett. The database held little further information. However, online article published by Archives and Special Collections department, part of Hull University’s library showed a black and white image of the work ‘Red Breast’. Especially relevant are the details of the artist Benjamin Fawcett and specific details of the publication for which it was produced.