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Researcher at RAMM's off site store studying the moth collection

Historic collections help understand hawkmoth vision

In 2018 Emmanuelle Briolat visited RAMM’s stored collections. Emmanuelle is a researcher at the University of Exeter’s Centre for Ecology & Conservation. In this blog she talks about her interest in hawkmoth vision and how RAMM’s moth collections helped with her research. In a paper published last week Emmanuel and her colleagues explore how artificial […]

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Group of plant seeds, photographs depicting plants and a small book from John Jackson's Economic botany collection.

Botany for sale: the economics of empire

In preparation for two exciting upcoming shows (A Language of Seeds and Seedscapes: Future-Proofing Nature) I have spent time with RAMM’s botany collections. Some plant specimens are local – collected within a few miles of RAMM. Others originate thousands of miles away. In one section of the store there are plant specimens that hold great […]

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five land snail shells collected by Alfred Russel Wallace

Collected by Alfred Russel Wallace PART 2

This blog follows on from my discovery of a bird collected by the great naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace – a Moluccan starling. Not familiar with the name? Many people aren’t. He stands in the shadow of Charles Darwin with whom he discovered the theory of evolution by natural selection: Darwin usually receives all the credit. […]

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Five bird skins on a white background. Three of them have paper labels attached to their legs.

Collected by Alfred Russel Wallace

There are a few names in natural science collections that will cause immediate excitement – Darwin, Wallace, Scott and Bates are high on the list. The story begins It is not uncommon for me to receive phone calls where the conversation proceeds like this, ‘Hello, I’m calling because I found some pieces of taxidermy belonging […]

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20 Australian birds with museum labels collected on the first Leichhardt Expedition

Australian birds from the Leichhardt Expedition

Dr Clemency Fisher, Senior Curator of Vertebrate Zoology at National Museums Liverpool, visited RAMM’s stored collections in 2016. A small collections of 20 Australian birds were of particular interest to her. In January 1944 Miss E.M. Fox of Beckenham, Kent donated these birds to RAMM. We don’t know why she had these specimens. They were collected […]

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Hummingbird Vine

Indian botanical drawings

Researchers in Exeter and India have revealed that 17 Indian botanical drawings in RAMM’s collection are by three of the most renowned late 18th-century Indian painters. They are Sheikh Zain al-Din, Bhawani Das and Ram Das. East India Company’s interest in plants In the late 18th and early 19th centuries the East India Company controlled […]

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